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Institute Offerings
  1. Keynotes for events, webinars, courses. Contact us.
  2. Assessments of Underlying Paradigms in Your Organization’ s Decisions and Programs

The way an organization spreads in ideas and contribution into the world is through their decisions and endeavors that they create, often in the form of programs, projects and initiatives. When an organization aspires to work at a Regenerative Level of thinking, it requires education and a lot of intention.  We live in a culture that falls far short, on most occasions, of a Regenerative practice.  And Regeneration is antithetical to what is standard and normal in most ways of work and comes mostly from older paradigms. It takes work!

We offer a Regenerative Assessment Rubric coupled with an engagement process for your organization to start or advance your work to the level of your aspiration.


  1. Upgraded programs, project or initiative
  2. A greater impact that matches your intention to contribution
  3. A feeling of being in integrity with your intentions, with language for what you belief that you never had language for before. Start a conversation.

3. Education: Education of professionals and organizations on Living Systems view of Regeneration. Over a agreed on a period of time and depth, we offer an internal education course that prepares everyone in your organization to assess the level of paradigm at which they are working, a functional unity is function or the organization as a whole is strategically positioning itself.


  • A practical understanding of your choices on a day to day basis in terms of the direction that your choices, set in motion. And alternatives that can lead in that direction.
  • A shared sense of aspiration for the direction of the organization across the organization
  • Increased motivation to take courageous steps in working with a Living Systems View of Regeneration – Start a conversation.